Some brands are very close to the clients’ hearts. A key component of a redesign is to listen to your client and be very respectful of their vision, but also, to be very firm when voicing your professional opinion. The merriment of both leads to great things.

I was approached by Infinity Gaming to redesign some of their key brand components. More specifically, to create a new overlay and a set of graphics for their players’ streams.

Their brand has been around for a while and is present in many online tournaments.

Steam graphics and overlays are extensions of the team’s brand. They’re as important as the logo itself and they should carry the same weight.

From logo to console


The infinity symbol is a constant as a shape and also, as a concept. The continuity of the logo demanded a streamlined silhouette with smooth continuous lines with segments that were consistent with the overall aesthetic.


The color palette was sampled directly from the logo to keep consistency throughout the design.


Be like a ninja: use your surroundings.

Game interfaces are great opportunities to explore overlay construction. Overlays are not just cover-ups, they can also serve as ways to highlight certain information through a mutual interaction between your graphics and elements present in the game’s UI.


Empty spaces can be great to place elements of your overlay. Also, places which could be redundant like a player’s username in Hearthstone. If you’re watching his/her stream, chances are, you already know who they are. But once in a while, we can be bold without ruining the viewers’ experience, but rather enhancing it.

Tim was kind enough to share his testimonial. I thank him for his constant support and for trusting and believing in my work.

“Working with Grizzly was one of my best experiences with a graphic artist!
We went with a friend prior to working with her and the two could not be more different.
From the prep work and layouts to the final product, things could not have been better with Grizzly. I got more than double the quality and effort, for almost 60% less than what I paid the first person. I would and have suggested her for anyone needing overlays or anything similar. I’m a big advocate of supporting artists you enjoy and this has just reinforced that belief.”                            

Tim “Gnarwhal” Harlin, Owner of IxGPro

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