2018 is the year of The Banshees. This community, lead by incredible women has grown to bring back all female StarCraft tournaments and provide cis and trans women with an opportunity to participate in StarCraft tournaments within an inclusive environment.
Their events have gained a great amount of traction, being also featured in Artosis’ and iNcontrol’s popular StarCraft talkshow “The Pylon Show“.

“Sometimes, you just have to do it.”

This was the mindset with which I approached designing the logo for The Banshees. I was lying on my bed, feeling crappy due to me being sick at the time. I grabbed a notebook, which usually helps me cope with illness resulting in forced inactivity.

esports logo design


Sometimes, I’ll just doodle aimlessly. Just for the sake of keeping the brain active. This time, though, I thought it would be a good idea to try working on a concept that I had been pondering for a few days. I was pleased with the result. Quite pleased.

It was awesome to see the response of other community members when I shared the sketch. Motivation? Check! I had to continue.

Honorable mentiones:







With the help of the rest of the women, we finally settled on a version which combined two of the proposed color palettes. And so “MYTHALLIC” was born.




A few words from Juliane.

Grizzly gave us what we were missing: A logo we could identify with. We got offered different types and colour variations and it was hard to chose from.
The design is something we proudly show and we are more than happy with the result. Colours are thoughtfully chosen and the spirit of the project got caught perfectly in the design. Working with Grizzly was a pleasure and we are sure to get back for future projects again!”

Juliane “Saeria” Schneider, Founder of The Banshees.

This project was also featured in an article feature in The StarCraft Observer.

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